Toni Morrison on Racism

If the racist white person…doesn’t understand that he or she is also a race, is also constructed, is also made, and also has some sort of serviceability…Then if you take it away, if I take your race away–and there you are, all strung out–and all you’ve got is your little self–then what is that?
What are you without racism? Are you any good? Are you still strong? 
Are you still smart?
Do you still like yourself?



Rachel Garringer Speaks

“I think it’s really important for young queer folks who come from rural areas to know that staying is an option. Sometimes I think leaving is really important if you can, but some young people don’t have the choice to leave. What are they supposed to do if they live in a place that is incredibly isolating as a queer person, where they never see representations of people in media who are queer like them and super proud to be West Virginian like them? Where are they supposed to find examples of themselves?”